Gigasun - a long-term sustainable, proven and scalable concept

The energy demand in China is expected to double by 2040. By offering solar energy solutions to medium-sized and large Chinese companies and organizations, we contribute to sustainable development while providing good returns for both our customers and our investors.

We finance, build, own and manage solar PV installations for customers who undertake to buy our electricity.

Our projects

For our customers in China, the collaboration with Gigasun means that they contribute to a cleaner environment while saving money. Gigasun has been supplying green energy in China since 2014 and the number of solar PV installations continues to increase with good profitability.




MW installed capacity


MW under development

How it works

Effective and favourable cooperation for all parties

Sweden-based Gigasun handles the financing and management of the company’s Chinese subsidiaries.

Full-time employees in China handle sales, procurement, monitoring, administration and management of our solar PV installations.

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