Sustainability policy

Our business operation

Gigasun is a company within the renewable energy sector, founded on a vision of contributing to global climate improvement by providing various solar energy solutions for the production of electricity. We help our customers convert from fossil-based energy to solar energy and also work to create and develop innovations for tomorrow’s energy markets. The Gigasun concern’s business operation consists of financing installation and operational maintenance of solar PV panel installations and sales of electricity to owners and operators of commercial buildings. The company’s geographical focus is China.

For Gigasun, sustainable development entails taking into account the long-term impact of our company’s operation – economically, environmentally and socially. More specifically, our planning and operational activities are intended to reflect, to the greatest extent possible, due responsibility for the environment, climate, employee wellbeing and our interests.

Economic and financial responsibility

Gigasun’s overall economic goal is to generate a good return on investment to its shareholders. A profitable company is a fundamental requisite necessary to our being able to achieve our goals within the company’s business operation. In order to make use of a farsighted perspective and build a strong company that carries out its operation with focus on sustainability issues, we must be profitable. To this end, Gigasun shall also work to secure solid financing, responsible investment and prioritize financial counter parts that have a good and lasting business agenda/ethic.


Environmental responsibility

Gigasun shall offer services that are environmentally friendly, and likewise, products that are manufactured with the least possible consumption of resources and energy, and with low environmental impact, as well. Sound resource management is a keyword within the company and great focus is leveled on resource use, no matter the specific purpose: Whether energy, office space, garbage disposal, travel, or shipping – all are examined and, where circumstances warrant, reasonable measures are taken to reduce their usage.

Social responsibility

Gigasun safeguard the company’s interests and the integrity of collaborating partners and take care to handle information so that it is protected and managed in a responsible manner. We have a clear focus on sustainability and we work to ensure that our partners share our values. Our employees are one of the company’s most vital assets. It is through their engagement, development and competence that we are able to create a culture where we and our partners truly thrive. We strive to attain a working climate and environment that will make the best possible workplace for all employees. As employer, we undertake our responsibility by offering every employee continuous development and responsible work.

Further vital policies

Diversity enriches: We are therefore pro-active in issues related to the equality of opportunity and respect due every individual regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, religious status or cultural background. We support and adhere to the principles advanced in the UN initiative Global Compact.