How it Works


Effective and favourable cooperation for all parties

Sweden-based Gigasun handles the financing and management of the company’s Chinese subsidiary. In China, we have operations in fully owned subsidiaries whose 10 full-time employees in Hangzhou handle sales, procurement, monitoring, administration and management of our solar PV panel installations.

For sales and distribution in China, we utilize our Chinese part-owner and partner Advanced Solar Power Hangzhou’s national network of approximately 30 reseller who both sell and install the solar PV panel installations in their respective regions.

Gigasun pays provision for completed transactions and a fixed price for the installation, through their subsidiaries Advanced SolTech Renewable Energy or Longrui Solar Energy. This allows Gigasun to operate as a small, flexible and cost-effective organization. The distributor receives compensation for performance while at the same time being responsible for the maintenance of the installations. In all, a very effective and favourable cooperation for all parties.