Climate benefits


Consequences beyond the borders

The country’s legacy investments primarily in coal as a source of energy combined with the rapidly growing energy demand pose a huge environmental challenge with negative consequences reaching far beyond China’s own borders. In addition to air pollution, which causes breathing difficulties for many of China’s residents, coal combustion leads to extensive carbon dioxide emissions, climate change and eventually environmental destruction globally.

Producing one kilowatt hour of electricity in China generates emissions of about 531 grams of CO2 equivalents, the corresponding figure in the Nordic countries is 90 grams. Producing electricity with solar panels also entails emissions from a life cycle perspective of approximately 41 grams per kilowatt hour produced. This means that the savings in climate emissions from solar energy in China will be more than 10 times as large in China compared with the Nordic countries (490 grams compared with 49 grams).



Our annual CO2 savings with current installations is

143,000 tons, equal to:


Swedes CO2 emissions


Round-trips Sweden/Thailand


The electricity that the company produces with current installations

with an output of 292 MW, corresponds to:


Swedish homes average electricity consumption (5000 kWh/year)


Percent of Gotlands use of electricity


Reduced air pollution


Pollution is as major problem in China.

Our facilities reduce pollution with thousands of tons.


tons yearly reduction of carbon particles


tons yearly reduction of sulfur particles


tons yearly reduction of nitrogen-oxides