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Investing in Gigasun

Investing in Gigasun means investing in solar energy where it makes the greatest difference.  Gigasun invests raised capital in solar power facilities that have been examined carefully in order to fulfill our high standard of requirements in terms of profitability, environmental standards, counterparty risk and project risk.

The Chinese market for solar power is growing rapidly. Our business model of selling electricity from solar energy instead of selling solar panel facilities is received very well. The growth potential is fantastic and we believe we can invest large amounts of capital with good profitability in the foreseeable future.

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The share is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market since October 29th, 2021. The total number of shares are 53,744,152, as of August 3rd 2023.

Largest shareholders

The largest shareholders as of  2023-10-10, according to the table below. 

Shareholder Number of shares Share capital (%) Votes (%)
SolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ.) 17,401,830 30.42 30.42
Advanced Solar Power Hangzhou Inc. 16,743,940 29.27 29.27
Isac Brandberg AB 2,016,665 3.53 3.53
The World We Want Foundation 1,580,767 2.76 2.76
Others 19,454,023 34.02 34,02
Total 57,197,225 100.00 100.00


Gigasun’s operations consist of financing the construction of solar power plants in China, which are installed, owned and managed by the SolTech Group’s wholly Chinese companies, Advanced SolTech Renewable Energy Hangzhou Co. Ltd and Longrui Suqian.

The following bonds are issued and listed in Gigasun:

Bond 2018 Solt4

Information Solt4
Bond terms Solt4
Prospectus Solt4
Advanced SolTech Annual Newsletter 2020 Solt4
Notice of Written Producedure